Why is it important for an expecting mother to look after her mental health?

  • Poor mental health in expecting mothers can cause children to have lower IQ.
  • Children of mothers with mental health issues grow on to become less confident.
  • Children to such mothers might even grow to develop anger issues or anxiety.

Therefore, it is important for the mother to take care of her mental health and not just physical health – for the sake of both, the mother and the baby. Now, you may ask another question “Is my gynecologist not enough?”. Well, she is the best for your physical health. However, it takes a different expert to deal with matters related to mental health.Following are a few reasons why you should consider taking external help for betterment of your mental health:

  • Your gynecologist might have solutions to some of your problems when it comes to “feeling sad” or “getting nervous” or other such feelings and behaviours. However, they might not have solutions to all such feeling-related problem, or might not be able to convey the solutions in the best manner possible.
  • Moreover, your gynecologist might be tending to other patients too and thus, might be burdened to provide you extra care and comfort when it comes to mental health.
  • Lastly while you can always meet your gynecologist through appointments and take updates on your biological health and related changes, mental health requires a more continuous attention. Owing to the burden that your gynecologist might be facing, she might not be able to extend help regarding mental health in the best manner possible.


How shall we help you?

We wish to be your friend – your Pregamie. You can come to us with any concern or any feeling you have; just like you would share your feelings with your friend. No feeling is trivial, no concern is small. We as your Pregamie will love to work with you and be there for you in this beautiful journey. Our experts will be available to you all the time. Besides listening to your worries and troubles and providing solutions for the same, we would also be providing you regular updates to take care of yourself – not just physically but also mentally – and we shall be giving you tools which empower you and keep you mentally strong to enjoy this period.

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