Be an integral part of our quest to build a mentally healthy generation through working closely with schools and mental health experts so that your kids grow in the most wholesome environment.

Students can unlock their full potential only when they are in good health. Good health includes physical as well as mental wellness. Both of these are equally important. Unfortunately, since physical health is more tangible, it has received far more attention than its counterpart. As a result, the newer generation is physically fit, but mentally unwell - not coping with daily-life stress. A child's first school is their home. Therefore, it becomes all the more critical for the parents to be involved in a child's growth and development. Such involvement would ensure that their child is getting the conducive environment for cultivating a sound mind and a sound body, with equal focus on both.

How can you play your role, you ask? At Myndprime, we provide your kids (aged 10-19) with an assessment and consequent feedback from our mental health experts, keeping you, the parent in the loop from the start. We need your help in realising our mission of making youth blossom so that our future is in safe hands. Please connect with our team for a quick demo.

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